Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace With Greenspeed® Intelligence

Ultra-quiet, extra-efficient comfort with up to 98.5% AFUE


Carrier Infinity® System condensing gas furnaces represent years of design, development and testing with one goal in mind – maximizing your family’s comfort. Along the way, we have remained focused on creating new technologies that deliver the superior quality and energy efficiency you demand while working to stay ahead of industry trends and global initiatives.
Breakthroughs like Greenspeed® intelligence, multi-stage technology, outstanding humidity control and extremely quiet sound performance mean there’s a model tailored to your needs. Whether you expect extreme energy efficiency, maximum comfort, minimal sound or all of the above, Carrier Infinity condensing gas furnaces have you covered.

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Our Infinity® 98 furnace features Greenspeed® intelligence that can make very subtle adjustments to a modulating gas valve and adaptable-speed components as conditions change. Furthermore, smart Infinity electronics “remember” previous cycles and automatically adjust available heating stages for the ultimate combination of comfort and energy efficiency.

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AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings are like your car’s MPG – the higher the number, the greater the potential for savings. Infinity® System condensing gas furnaces offer a range that start at 95.0% AFUE and reach as high as 98.5% AFUE.

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As a part of your home’s year-round comfort system, an Infinity gas furnace can be the key to enhanced comfort and efficiency through precision humidity management. Include an Infinity® system control, humidifier and an Infinity outdoor unit and let Ideal Humidity SystemTM technology deliver improved comfort, all year long.

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Combining a ComfortTM Series furnace, a Carrier heat pump and a compatible thermostat, our Hybrid Heat® system automatically switches between electric and gas heating to optimize the efficiency of each fuel source. It’s a great way to help manage unpredictable utility costs.

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Our Infinity 98 furnace is one of the quietest gas furnaces you can buy. That means you can enjoy warm, winter heating at a sound level somewhere between a conversation and a whisper (but closer to a whisper!), thanks to variable-speed components, intelligent operation and an insulated cabinet.*

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To the original owner, our Infinity® System gas furnaces are covered by a 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration. The parts limited warranty period is five years if not registered within 90 days of installation except in jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned upon registration. See warranty certificate at for complete details and restrictions.


If you could look under the hood of an Infinity® System furnace, you’d see what drives the performance: a serious commitment to quality. The Infinity® 98 includes a modulating gas valve that can be adjusted up or down in 1% increments to precisely meet heating demand. Or, the Infinity® 96 provides high- and low-stage heating for quiet, consistent comfort. Variable-speed air delivery means ultra-consistent temperature control all year long and enhanced humidity control as a part of your cooling system.
To squeeze as much of the heating efficiency from the gas you use as possible, Infinity furnaces include two heat exchangers. The primary heat exchanger does most of the work while a secondary heat exchanger squeezes additional heating energy to balance savings and comfort. Additional comfort-enhancing functions include ComfortFanTM technology, which allows you to select furnace fan speeds from the Infinity® system control, and SmartEvapTM technology for added moisture control.

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Length: 29.5in
Width: 17.5in
Height: 35in
Weight: 164.4lb
Equipment Type: Gas Furnace
Air Flow: 4-way Multipoise
Fuel Type: Convertible to Propane,Natural Gas
Blower Motor Type: Variable-Speed, Constant Airflow ECM
Blower Motor HP: 1/2
Blower Motor Speeds: Communicating Variable Speed
Blower Motor RPM: 1300
Blower Wheel: 8x11
Drive Type: Direct
Maximum Pressure: 13.6
Gas Connection Size: 1/2
Heat Exchanger Type: Aluminized Steel Clamshell
Number Of Burners: 3
Ignition Type: Silicon Nitride Hot Surface
Configuration: Upflow;Downflow;Horizontal
Color: Taupe Metallic


Cycle: 60
Phase: Single
Voltage: 115
Maximum Fuse Size: 15amp
Minumum Circuit Breaker: 15amp
IFM Full Load: 7.7amp


BTU Input: 60000
BTU Output: 59000
AFUE: 97.4
CFM Cooling: 510
CFM Heating: 1075
Tonnage: 3.5
Energy Star Rated: Yes
LEED Certified: No
ETL Certified: No
ETL Listed: No
UL Listed: No
UL Recognized: Yes