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Furnace Maintenance

We all live better with healthy, self-care. In the same way, the heart of your home, the furnace, performs best and most efficiently with a regular tune-up, or furnace inspection by a pleasant professional. We know that maintenance is a service that few of us have time for, so we have created Customer-First Maintenance Packages. We promise to offer you the best prices by providing discounts for consolidated maintenance services.

Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning is a group of like-minded service-oriented people.

We are a team that genuinely cares about others. Our properly trained and licensed Furnace Service Technicians, Air Improvement and Heat Load Calculation Specialist, are also skilled in ensuring respectful and communicative customer service during your furnace (or heating appliance) maintenance visits.

“Everyone wins. You are happy it’s done, we get our exercise, and your heating appliances like your furnace, tankless water heater, gas fireplace, and your air conditioning, remain healthy and worry-free”.

Furnace Installation

Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning has strategically built our Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor team to give you accurate professional opinions to make an informed decision for your new furnace installation in London, ON. No pushy salespeople will arrive, only a ridiculously caring team proud of our knowledge, service abilities, and pleasant and respectful people skills. We are excited to help you with a new energy-efficient furnace, quality HEPA filters, UV lighting solutions, and add-on furnace humidifiers.

Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning proudly offers Carrier HVAC products for its London and surrounding area clients. Payne, a subsidiary of the Carrier family of products, gives us a full range of quality HVAC solutions. Your heating solutions are only a friendly call away. Please see our About Us page to get to know the people you’ll meet.

Carrier consistently rates as one of the top three HVAC, heating, and air conditioner manufacturers on the North American continent. Many of Carrier’s economical products are among the most energy-efficient and affordable, even compared to their more expensive competitors. You will always receive a considered estimate of the cost of a new furnace based on our Heat Load Calculations for the square footage of your home, its current air efficiency, and your heating solutions budget.

Furnace Repair

Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning knows how upsetting it is to suddenly be without heat during a cold winter day. If you are looking for emergency furnace repair services for your London, Ontario home or business, we repair all makes and models of furnaces and HVAC systems and offer 24-hour emergency repair services for your convenience. After-hour rates will apply.

How can you know for sure that your furnace requires service? If you are unsure whether your furnace concern is an emergency or requires service, you might choose first to check a few easy things on your own:

  • A clogged furnace filter can cause your furnace to shut down or reduce the volume of hot air. Changing a dirty and clogged furnace filter may be all that is required in many instances. Pay particular attention to the direction you remove the old filter to ensure the new one is replaced correctly.
  • Check your thermostat. Ensure it is set to heat and turn the temperature up 10 degrees to see if it comes on. Blow away a season’s worth of dust and change its batteries.
  • Ensure your rooms’ air duct fins are open to allow air movement.
  • Check that the gas valve is turned to its open position. A service technician may have forgotten to turn it back on. The handle is parallel to the gas pipe in its on position.
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Furnace Replacement

Has the time arrived when your gas furnace must be replaced? If your furnace is more than 20 years old, it has reached a point of ineffective heating in a non-energy-efficient way, and you are likely paying higher heating bills than you need to.

Please let us know if you are in the London area but aren’t quite ready for an HVAC or furnace replacement. As HVAC contractors, we can help you with possibilities of short-term furnace repairs or financing plans to help your goal of a new energy-efficient and long-lasting replacement furnace. Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning is a group of like-minded service-oriented people.