How Often Should My Furnace Have Maintenance? 

How Often Should My Furnace Have Maintenance

Once-a-year furnace maintenance is urged for all furnaces, especially gas furnaces, to ensure gases meet furnace specs and vent correctly. You must maintain all furnaces, young or old, at the beginning of the heating season, and some air filters should be changed monthly. If you like, you can change the necessary air filters on your own.


What is furnace maintenance?

Tune-ups and furnace maintenance are preventative forms of service.

Just as your car requires systems tests, air filter changes, and lubrication, a furnace, home air conditioner, water heater, or fireplace also requires regular maintenance. 


What kind of maintenance should be done to a furnace?

Our trained and licensed technicians perform several maintenance tests and adjustments. They:

  • Inspect and replace the furnace air filter
  • Clean the blower assembly, belts, pulleys, and fans 
  • Perform an amperage-draw test
  • Check the gas line and fittings
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check heat exchanger for corrosion or cracks
  • Check the vent systems
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Inspect the air intake
  • Lubricate all moving parts of the motor (reducing friction)
  • Test the thermostat calibration
  • Test the safety controls
  • Test the system startup cycle
  • Complete a system inspection


Your gas furnace requires the above testing and more:

  • Analysis of combustion gases to ensure they adhere to furnace specifications
  • The gas pressure of the manifold is tested 
  • The electronic ignition or pilot
  • To check the airflow and venting for these gases


Can a clean furnace air filter save you money on heating bills?

You will save money on the season’s heating bill by changing your furnace filter. Keeping your furnace air filter fresh allows the motor to work optimally. An unclogged air filter means the furnace isn’t pushed to use more fuel (gas); it is efficiently heating your home.  


How often should a furnace air filter be changed?

  • If your furnace filter is 1” thick it should be changed monthly.
  • If your furnace filter is 4”, 5”, or 6” thick it should be changed every six months. 


Air filters trap tiny particles and air contaminants to protect the components of your furnace. 

Just like your car’s clean filters improve your vehicle’s gas mileage by making it easier for the engine to work, your clean furnace air filter allows the motor to work effectively.

A lack of clean filters will shorten a furnace’s lifespan. Is it time to look at a more efficient furnace? See our products here. We serve the London, Ontario and St Thomas areas.


What are the advantages of annual furnace maintenance?

  • Money and headache savings: Combining your heating and cooling, fireplace, and water heater maintenance saves you money, and our computer system takes care of scheduling so that you can rest easy knowing regular maintenance is taken care of. Contact us to set up a schedule that suits you or see our Client First Maintenance Packages here.
  • Warranty protection/validation: Your new equipment adheres to warranty stipulations, and scheduled maintenance helps alleviate concerns about meeting those required visits.
  • A little money toward maintenance now is better than costly repairs later: Having a technician regularly visit your heating (and cooling) equipment is similar to visiting your dentist; catching a cavity in its infancy is better than not noticing and needing to replace the tooth with a costly crown later.
  • Your furnace will live longer: A furnace that sees routine maintenance enables you to see a higher Return On Your Investment (ROI). A well-maintained furnace will last ten years.


Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning offers Client-First Maintenance Packages. Let us help you with the maintenance of all of your equipment; furnace, air conditioning, and fireplace; you’ll have peace of mind knowing they will have regular attention to help with unnecessary repairs.


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