Can You Run Air Conditioner in Fall?

Can You Run Air Conditioner in Fall
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Yes, if it makes sense, you can run your air conditioner in fall. In early fall, in mid-fall, and yes, even into late fall. However, you cannot use your air conditioner once the cold weather sets in. Air conditioners have a condensing unit containing oil that requires heat to thin it to lubricate the compressor. Also, the cooling coil produces condensation, and that condensed air will freeze during the winter, causing damage.

If you’re wondering about the thermostat settings (and having your AC pushing out cool air on days where it isn’t needed), set the thermostat so the AC turns on at a higher temperature. You can enjoy the fresh fall air, and if the day reaches that temperature you’ve set, you can regale in air-conditioned memories of summer.

Of course, using a thermostat is relevant only if you have a central air conditioner, such as a full HVAC system, or an air source heat pump, all of which are controlled by a thermostat. Control your thermostat remotely with a Smart thermostat.


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Are you concerned about running your air conditioner while it is cold outside?

Call us if you are concerned about when it is time to put your AC to bed. We provide non-biased advice with decades of experience behind it.

  • Keep the temperature 18C in mind. 
  • That’s the temperature AC manufacturers recommend to stop using your air conditioner for the year. 
  • If it is 18C or colder, the heavy oil used in ACs will not soften. 
  • Remember, it is all about the outdoor heat warming the condensing unit’s oil to a viscosity that is thin enough to lubricate the compressor (the compressor is housed in the outdoor component of your AC).
  • Even if you want to test it for any reason, you could damage the compressor in cold weather.
  • As stated earlier, damage will also occur when the condensed air (water) created on the cooling coil is allowed to freeze (very likely in cold weather).


If you prefer not to run an air conditioner in fall, here is a great alternative:

Fresh air:

Our beautiful fall weather should be experienced to the fullest. It’s a fantastic time to work from home and throw open the windows. Draw some drapes (or pull down the blinds) during the height of the day’s heat, and use a ceiling fan to push around the luscious-smelling air.


You’ll know when it’s time to test and start the AC in the spring.

  • Conversely, when the spring temperature has provided you with a few days of 18C weather, you’ll know the condensing unit’s oils will move sufficiently through the compressor. 
  • If you want your heating and cooling systems to run optimally, call us to discuss repairs and regular maintenance.


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