Can We Replace Our Furnace Without Replacing the AC? 

Can We Replace Our Furnace Without Replacing the AC

Yes, you can replace just your furnace without replacing your AC. Knowing whether you should look at a furnace replacement only or AC replacement only, or both at the same time depends on many variables, and we will look at reasons for and against the question. In the end, the answers are layered.


There are authentic justifications on both sides of the debate of whether you should replace one or both HVAC components; there is any number of scenarios that may best suit you and your family.


For the following reasons, you may want to replace both your AC and furnace at the same time:

1. Bundled labour fees: 

Installation fees for both components at the same time will undoubtedly save you money. Always purchase your products from a well-respected, service-oriented local heating and cooling company.

2. Money-saving incentives for purchasing both:

Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning of London and St. Thomas know that the cost of replacing a whole system can be worrisome, so we make it as stress-free as possible for you, happily providing discount incentives. Contact us for a professional, no-obligation visit to help you with your HVAC options.

Our Client-First Maintenance Packages provide bundling discounts if you’re ready to replace both heating/cooling components.

The Ontario government occasionally provides money-saving Incentive Programs for you to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems.

3. HVAC Sizing: 

Your air conditioner uses your furnace’s blower to circulate its cooled air. An older single-stage furnace won’t have the blower capacity for a new variable-speed air conditioner, restricting the full benefits of your new air conditioner.

4. New products are much more efficient:

An older single-stage air conditioner is highly inefficient. (It can likely be adapted to your new variable speed furnace; however, the overall inefficiency should be considered.) It may pair with a new furnace, but not optimally. 

5. The environment:

We must all do what we can to help our environment. Maximize your home’s comfort while knowing you’re doing your part to respect nature.

Communicating technology is available for all new HVAC components, a sought-after feature, especially for absent property owners.

6. Both systems are in sync:

Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning offers Client-First Maintenance Packages with built-in discounts for new appliances. You’ll have less guesswork knowing they are both under warranty for a known amount of time, and maintenance will be easier as the components work in sync with each other. 



For the following reasons, you may want to wait to replace both your AC and furnace or want to switch only one:

1. You’re moving:

If purchasing a new HVAC system just before selling your house, it’s unlikely that you’ll regain your total investment. Of course, you might decide your circumstances warrant a replacement; a new HVAC system will attract specific buyers.

2. Replace only the furnace:

An older single-stage AC will benefit from a new variable-speed furnace. Upgrade the furnace to a variable-speed system; your air conditioner will likely be fine, and the variable-speed blower of your new furnace may provide better AC air movement. Ask a professional if this may work.

3. Replace only the AC:

Only replacing the AC may be acceptable if your existing furnace is compatible. 

When you’re ready to switch out your furnace, ensure it is compatible with the current AC you are installing. Consult our team of HVAC specialists. We will always provide a solution that fits your budget and circumstances.

4. You’ve decided not to replace them:

Life may be complicated enough for you at this stage, and your best decision, for now, is to wait. However, you don’t want to leave such an important choice as a last-minute decision when your furnace conks out on a cold winter night.  Do preliminary legwork now.

Our product page provides a sampling of our available gas and electric HVAC equipment and water heaters.


5. You want to continue to repair both older HVAC components:

Read our article, Is it Worth Fixing Older HVAC Equipment?


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